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How do I adopt one of your puppies?

  • The first thing to do when interested in adopting one of our puppies is to explore our site and to make sure you have read over all the important information.

  • Next, you will fill out a puppy application form so we can better decide if a doodle is the best fit for you and your family and what puppy would work best in your home. After you fill out the adoption form we will be in contact with you.  If you haven't heard from me within 7 days of submitting the form, please send me an email.  Sometimes the server does not send me the completed form.

  • Next, you will submit a deposit ($250) to reserve your slot on an upcoming or current litter (please let me know the color and sex you are interested in). We will send out photos each week, so that you can watch the puppies grow! We'll let you know how they are progressing. All immunizations and dewormings are done as per vet's schedule, and socialization starts the day the puppies are born with much human handling as well as Neurological Stimulation.  You will feel completely prepared and ready once it's time to transition the puppy from my home to yours.

  • Puppies are selected when they are 5-6 weeks old. You will have pictures, a video or two and then i will schedule a FaceTime appointment to officially choose your pup! If you don't have an Iphone, facetime works through Facebook messenger.

  • The balance on the puppy can be paid at Pick up but must be cash. If you'd like to pay ahead of time, that can be done through check or money order, but must be received three weeks before pups go home. Please make any checks sent payable to Amy Greene.

  • Puppies may not go to their forever homes until they are 8 weeks old.

  • Be sure to have a checkup appointment scheduled with your vet on the Monday or Tuesday after Pick up. Remember that puppies should not go out in public until they have had all of their immunizations - this is a must! No public parks, walks in the neighborhood or obedience training outside the home. Some people get an in-home trainer to come and work with the puppy and all the family members, then continue with obedience training classes later when the puppy has had all immunizations.


Can I pick my own puppy?

Absolutely!! Each week I send pictures so that you will be able to watch their development! You will choose your pup between weeks 5-6 from pictures, videos and FaceTime in the order deposits were placed!


What is included in the purchase price?

The price includes age appropriate shots for the puppy, a vet inspection, regular dewormings, a 24 month written guarantee,  a toy with the scent of your puppies litter mates as well as a packet of information that is helpful to any new puppy owner. You will be given the healthrecord from our vet on your puppy.  See the price page for current prices.


Are the dew claws removed from the puppies?

No.  It is not necessary to remove your pets dew claws.  Here is an article explaining their use and why they should remain intact:


Are your dogs and/or puppies club registered?

YES!  All our adult dogs are AKC and/or CKC registered. Our puppies are a mixed breed, so they do not qualify for AKC.


What type of food are you feeding the puppy?

I have done extensive research on dog foods! I have used several really good brands over the years, however I have found a brand that I like so much that my husband and I have become a Field Representatives for it!! It has NEVER been recalled, its made in small batches so the food is fresh, it never sits on warehouse shelves, it has GUARANTEED prebiotics and probiotics, it doesn't have fillers! I know! This sounds awesome! It is! This food can only be ordered online so that means that you can set up EZ SHIP dates for your food and easily make adjustments to the delivery dates! Another thing I love is that each bag is 10.3 pounds, so no more lifting heavy bags! A regular is one bag, a large is 2 bags and an XL is 3 bags! The price may seem higher than other foods you've looked at, but because there aren't fillers, you actually feed less! Why haven't I told you the name yet? Because I am a Field Rep for it,   so when you click my link to order, you are ordeing directly from me! Here ya go, Check it out!


How big will the puppies get?

Our Standard Goldendoodles are generally in the 50-70lb  and our Medium doodles should be 35-50lbs. Our Cavapoos will be under 20 pounds. However, please keep in mind that doodles are a hybrid and not a "standardized breed" and it is important to note that specific sizes cannot be guaranteed for a grown dog. Buyers must be willing to accept a puppy with the grown weight and heights being only estimates, as there is the possibility for puppies to be more or less than the estimated weight and height ranges above.


What should I bring to pick up my puppy?

If the trip is going to be more than an hour, it is a good idea to bring some water for your puppy to drink and a crate to carry your puppy in. Plastic bags and paper towels are a good idea just in case the puppy gets car sick or has an accident in the car!


When can I pick up my puppy?

Puppies must be 8 weeks old when they leave my home.


When is the puppy's next vet appointment?

In our contract, we ask that you take your puppy to the vet within 48-hrs of purchase. If the vet finds anything life threatening wrong with the puppy you may bring it back (at the buyers expense) and we will replace the puppy or pay for the vet cost up to the price of the puppy (see contract for details)  if you wish to keep it. If you do not take the puppy to the vet within 48-hrs please note that our contract will then become null and void. KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS!

The puppy will then go to the vet again around 10-wks (no later than 12 wks) of age for it's second set of shots.  At this visit your vet will talk to you about his/her preferred vaccination schedule.

The puppy will go for it's final visit no later than 16 weeks of age.


Do your puppies shed? What about coat types?

It is impossible for us to 100% guarantee that our puppies won't shed. Any doodle breeder that does is not being truthful.  Most first generation Goldendoodles shed lightly; some can have moderate shedding. F1 Goldendoodles are compatible for most families with MILD allergies. Most F1 Goldendoodles will have plush, straight to loose wavy coat. Occasionally, a F1 breeding will produce a more curly coat.

Our F1B cross puppies will have a higher success rate for being non-shedding dogs. F1B Goldendoodles are 99% non-shedding, and are recommended for families with moderate to severe allergies.  Keep in mind that F1b's will not necessarily look like a poodle or have the temperament of a poodle, the 75% poodle in their generation strictly pertains only to the non-shedding and hypo-allergenic factors.  F1B's can have a variety of coat types including, loose wavy, straight & curly.

If you want a Goldendoodle that is low shed, you should be considering an F1B and not a first generation (F1).   While many F1's will shed less than purebred Golden Retrievers, the amount that they will shed cannot be predicted.  Some F1's will be low shed, and some will not.   Again, breeders who claim their F1 Goldendoodles are 'no shed' are either unknowledgeable or stretching the truth.   If shedding is a concern for you, you may not be happy with an F1 and I would recommend an F1B.  Many, but not all, F1B's are low shed. 


What about allergies?

First generation (F1) Goldendoodles are not recommended for families with allergy issues.  Breeders who claim their F1 Goldendoodles are 'hypoallergenic' or allergy friendly are either unknowledgeable or stretching the truth.  

While SOME F1's may be allergy friendly, there really is no way to predict which puppies are and which aren't.   If you have allergies in your household you should consider an F1B goldendoodle.   Although not every F1B will be allergy friendly, the chances are much higher.


Can I breed my new puppy?

NO!!! Spay/Neuter IS Required!


Our puppies are sold as companion pets with limited registration only and we require that they be spayed or neutered before they reach the age of 12 months.   We do this to protect our puppies and ensure they are being placed into loving "forever" homes.   We require a legally binding spay/neuter contract to be signed.  I will follow up and confirm the alteration is done. If you are a breeder looking for a  puppy to add to your program, please email us, as we may occasionally select an outstanding puppy as a candidate for breeding. 


What is your visitor's policy?

We don't allow visitation of our puppies.  Due to the prevelance of  Parvo virus and it's ability to kill entire litters within days, we have decided that we must take every precaution!  The health and safety of our puppies is our first priority.  The positive side is that you can be assured that YOUR puppy is born here, we will do everything possible to minimize his/her exposure to deadly diseases.  I want people to be comfortable with me and don't mind questions! I will even facetime people and send pictures! All of the puppies and doggies and in my home and there are no kennels! I can also give references!  All sales transactions are done face to face; puppies are no longer allowed to be shipped. 


Please note that the support never stops here at FluffnStuff Doodles. We are more than willing to answer any questions at any time regarding your dog. Please never hesitate to call or email. And we would love to get updates and pictures of your puppy with their new family!

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